Zippy Childrens Adjustable Skate - Rental Edition

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Zippy Childrens Adjustable Skate - Rental Edition

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The RC Zippy is the adjustable children’s skate you’ve been waiting for!  High quality nylon, heavy duty velcro, and strong aluminum alloy rivets are combined to make the most durable skate for young children ever created.  The adjustable sizing system allows children with shoe sizes ranging from J7 to J13 to have a safe, comfortable first-time skating experience.  The special rental-only colorway will only be sold to roller rinks and will help you keep your in-house Zippy rentals from “walking away”.

The fabulous new RC Zippy skate also features "Learn to Skate" adjust-ability. Start with the "lock" setting so beginners can walk in the skates with the front wheels locked. As confidence and ability increase, advance to the "open lock" setting, where the adjustment allows the front wheels to roll forward but not back. Then it's on to the "open lock" setting for some freewheeling fun!

This product priced per pair.