Roller Skate Wheels are the easiest way to personalize your roller skates. Choose from the best of Vanilla, Sure-Grip, Powell Bones, Labeda, Hyper, Clawz, Snyder, Pacer and Atom Skate Wheels. We carry all the popular choices like Cannibal, Shaman, Devil Ray, Speed Ray, Fugitive and Power Plus. You'll always fit in with our variety of the most popular wheels in the skating world. You can never go wrong! They are the 5 Stars to a high performance ride on the skate floor. 

Size: measured in millimeters (mm), most of these are going to be 62mm (or close).

Durometer: The durometer of a wheel is a measure of it's hardness.  Most wheels are measured on the "A" scale (i.e. 98A or 95A) but occasionally you see one on a different scale.  The higher the number, the harder the wheel, as long as they're both on the same scale.

Choose from the following to get started! :

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3 Wheels per set.
2 490,02 ₽

Sonic Dr Pepper Widetrack Wheels

Super high rebound, long lasting urethane, nylon core for perfect bearing alignment. Super smooth roll.
3 389,20 ₽

Sure Grip Gravity

Sure Grip Gravity
4 146,58 ₽

Sure Grip Royal

5 187,55 ₽

Sure-Grip 50/50 Wheels

Sure-Grip 50 x 50 Speed and Performance wheels. Multi-poured wheels with angled swirl. Black Mag Hubs.
4 980,05 ₽

Sure-Grip All American Dream

They are back, The All American Dream with aluminum inserts
8 296,62 ₽

Sure-Grip Boxer Speed Wheel

Great speed replacement wheel with bearings.
2 697,52 ₽ 2 071,56 ₽

Sure-Grip Fame Clear

Sure Grip Fame wheels are made of long wearing Urethane for an excellent grip.
2 417,40 ₽

Sure-Grip Fame Wheels

Sure Grip Fame wheels are made of long wearing Urethane for an excellent grip.
2 417,40 ₽

Sure-Grip Motion Wheels

One of the top of the line skates wheels. High rebound urethane, wide positrac skating surface, super tuff nylon insert for the strength. 78A Hardness
3 454,91 ₽

Sure-Grip Slick Wheels

NEW evolution in rhythm wheels. With an all new harder and faster formula, Slick Fo-Macs are made exclusively for longer slides and quicker spins.
5 187,55 ₽ 4 146,58 ₽

Sure-Grip Sugar Wheels

Sure-Grip introduced the very first hybrid wheel for Derby in 2008. There have been plenty of imposters since, yet when you need grip, the Sugar formula still out performs them all.
4 426,71 ₽

Sure-Grip Twister Wheels

Your ticket to a wild ride. Blow away the competition with the coolest wheels made. Feel the natural power of mother nature. Swirl on, baby.
3 454,91 ₽

Sure-Grip Zoom Wheels

5-4-3-2-1, Houston We Have Lift Off. rocket speed will zoom you ahead of the pack.
2 555,73 ₽

ADONIS Skate Wheels

Available in two dimensions, the 92A hardness wheels offer all the benefits ADONIS wheels are known for. The 92A hardness is ideal for polished concrete and wooden floors. All wheels come with P-LET bearing spacers.
4 322,96 ₽