Web Stinger (I-138)

Roller Derby adjustable juvenile inline skate comes in a girls and boys version.
Their Price: 3 992,58 ₽
3 835,18 ₽

*This product is no longer available. Please check the related products.

The Web Stinger is an adjustable skate that comes in a Girls White version and a Boys Black version.


  • Uppers: Adjustable with comfort-fit washable liner and cam-lever buckles
  • Frames: Push-button adjustable frames
  • Wheels: 64/72mm urethane Speed Formula
  • Bearings: Bevo ABEC-5 bearings

Fits Sizes: Boy's Black/Red Small 12J(Junior)-1; Girl's White/Pink Small 12J(Junior)-1; Boy's Black/Red Medium 2-5; Girl's White/Pink Medium 2-5