VNLA Blackout Boots

100% Italian Leather
13 743,67 ₽

VNLA Blackout Boots

Product SKU: VN-BO

On the surface, the Brass Knuckle Blackout boot is a simple color modification of the original Brass Knuckle boot. In reality, however, we've made some strategic changes to this model. The lace cover has been lowered to allow for more movement by the skater. The outsole has been revised and is now made of a stronger, upgraded leather with a high quality, form fitting finish. Top grain, hand sorted Italian leather is used across the entire boot. This change in leather sourcing allows for greater consistency, better durability, and a more comfortable feel. The insole has been changed to a more durable, form fitting insole.

Available in black (4-13), and in half sizes (5.5 - 10.5).

Manufacturer Part Number: VDBKOU

This product priced per pair.