Vanilla Knuckle-Up

This Derby skate's a combination of SE Skate, Vanilla, Riedell, Atom, and RollerBones. That's quite a team!
Manufacturer: Vanilla Skate Company
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Their Price: 42 193,38 ₽
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From the geniuses at SE Skate we bring you the best components from the top names in the business. The chassis is Riedell's aluminum Dyna-Pro plates and pairing it with a set of China Bones bearings makes perfect sense both from a speed perspective but also a classic look. Atom Dubz wheels mean you'll have every head turning wondering where you got them not to mention the high performance speed and glide from their 100A rating. Vanilla delivers the brass knuckles designed boot for a final statement that you're a force to be reckoned with. 

  • Boots: Vanilla's all-new Brass Knuckle shoes
  • Chassis: Riedell's aluminum Dyna-Pro plates
  • Wheels: Dubz 62mm x 44mm wheels from Atom
  • Bearings: China Bones bearings from RollerBones
  • Trucks: Double-Action
  • Toe-Stops: Adjustable
Fits Sizes: Men's Black 4-13
(Ladies, go down one size)