Vanilla Killer 'Niller

Look killer in this new package.
Their Price: 50 581,40 ₽
37 544,29 ₽

The Vanilla Killer 'Niller Speed Skates are relatively new to the market but very sought after. From the Vanilla Freestyle boot, to the Vanilla Remix speed wheels, you'll never go wrong with this highs speed/jam skate. Go killer on the skate floor!

  • Boots: Vanilla Freestyle in Black or White
  • Chassis: Laser premium plates
  • Wheels: Vanilla Remix speed wheels in Black or White with aluminum hubs
  • Bearings: Freespin high-performance bearings
  • Trucks: Double-Action
  • Toe-Stops: Adjustable
Fits Sizes: Men's Black or White 4-13
(Ladies, go down one size)