Tour ZT 800 Youth Hockey Adjustable Skate

An adjustable sized hockey skate perfect for the growing player!
6 304,96 ₽

Tour's ZT-800 Adjustable Hockey Skates is a new youth adjustable hockey skate for the growing player!

No longer will you be forced to buy new skates after each growth spurt. With the Tour ZT 800, buy them once and be done. And when they finally are outgrown, your player will be thankful for not having to break-in a different skate each time his foot grew.

Skates are adjustable from size 11 through 13 (small) and sizes 1 through 4 (medium) to help ensure a lasting fit. The ZT800's have a strong ankle stabilizer for proper foot position and an improved deluxe comfort padding. The lightweight aluminum frame has Speed Formula wheels and ABEC 7 bearings.

Fits Sizes: Juniors/Youth Small (11J-1 w/64mm Wheels) or Medium (1-4 w/72mm Wheels)

Features: Reinforced Ankle Support, Deluxe Comfort Padding, Toe Cap Slide, Fast Drying Liner and a Felt Tongue.

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