Toe Stops

Toe Stops come in many flavors and styles.

A toe stop can not only be a functional part of your roller skates but also a finishing touch to your styled ride.

 We stock Nova, Snyder, RC, Bullseye, Gripper and other all-purpose toe stops.

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PowerDyne Toe Stop

1 146,04 ₽

Superball Toe Stop

2 419,42 ₽

All-Purpose Toe Stop

These Toe-Stops come in a medium size that are non-adjustable.
509,35 ₽ 378,83 ₽

Carrera Mini Web Toe Stop

By far our most popular toe stop, standard on just about all our skate packages.
955,03 ₽ 795,86 ₽

Snyder Toe Stop

Available in Small(Standard), Medium(Junior), or Large(Dance).
1 782,73 ₽ 1 588,54 ₽