Sure-Grip Wrist Guards

This safety equipment from Sure-Grip has been tow years in the making. Perfect for Derby, Inlines, or skating outdoors!
Manufacturer: Sure Grip
1 306,57 ₽

This is a small price to pay for these wrist guards when you consider it cost about 7 grand to get a wrist break set and go through therapy for 3 months. Wrist breaks and fractures are the most common skating injury because your natural reaction is to try and break your fall with your hands. Wrist guards won't eliminate this possibility but they certainly give you a better chance of not getting hurt. If Sure-Grip is willing to put their name on these wrist guards you can be assured they are quality made and your best defense. Wrist guards are a must for roller girls and outdoor skating especially. 

  • Size: Small(kids); Medium(youth); Large(adult); or X-Large(adultXL)
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