Sure-Grip Thump Roller Skate

Sometimes you have to give a little thump to let people know you're there on the track.
Manufacturer: Sure Grip
Their Price: 30 510,86 ₽
22 674,22 ₽

The Thump derby skate from Sure-Grip is a powerhouse combination of everything the legendary skate company has to offer. This package includes the all-new all-leather XL95 boot, XK-4 plates with jump bars and double-action trucks, Fugitive MID wheels, Qube Black 8-ball bearings, and mini round toe stops.

  • Boots: Sure-Grip's all leather XL-95 boots with comfort-lining and power-straps
  • Chassis: Sure-Grip's XK-4 Plates with jump bar
  • Wheels: Fugitive 62mm MID Wheels
  • Bearings: Qube Black 8-Ball Bearings
  • Trucks: Double Action or Single Action
  • Toe-Stops: Adjustable
Fit's Size: Men's Black 4-13 (Ladies, go down one size)