Sure-Grip Fugitive MID Speed Wheel

All-new narrow version of the Fugitive Wheel.
Manufacturer: Sure Grip
Their Price: 4 948,72 ₽
4 519,99 ₽

The Fugitive MID is a narrow wheel measuring 36mm. Made from the same materials as the Fugitive you can be expect a lightweight wheel with a nylon hub. The Fugitive MID is a specialty wheel where the colors indicate the durometer rating. Purple is an 88A for grip, Blue is a 90A for moderate grip and Yellow is a 92A for minimal grip. With a narrow speed wheel you're less likely to bump wheels with other roller girls or jam skaters. 

  • Color/Hardness: Yellow(92A), Purple(88A), Blue(90A)
  • Size: 62mm x 36mm