Manufacturer: Bont
The new Bont Supercell frame is currently only available for pre-order. Our current production is 1-2 sets per day. The frames will ship on a first come first serve basis. 
The Bont Supercell carbon frame uses nanotech 'super cell' resin to not only lighten the frame but also make it more impact resistant. 
Carbon is an extremely strong material when it is curved and the Supercell frame is curved at every angle you look which produces an extremely rigid structure. 
The frame is available in two levels of stiffness. Firm and XXFirm. The Firm frame weighs 165g and it has a small amount of flex. It is well suited to indoor, track and road skating. The XXFirm frame weighs 185g and is better suited to road skating. It is one of the stiffest frames ever made. Both frames are 4x110mm 13.2". 
The Supercell frame has two options for the final coat of resin. Matte or gloss. There is no weight difference between the two finishes.
Only use Bont Supercell axles with the Supercell frame.