ST Vaypor Boa

    Manufacturer: Bont

    The ST Boa Vaypor replaces the lower laces on the boot with a Boa dial. Bont is the only professional speed boot maker to have the official Boa license. 

    If you want the best speed skating boot that money can buy, look no further than the Vaypor. Tested by the world's best skaters and designed by Mr. Inze Bont. The top of the boot uses laces and a top velcro strap and the bottom section uses a Boa dial. The benefit of this system is that you can make the top of the boot extremely tight and you can adjust the bottom section while you are skating. This is useful to loosen your boots during training without having to retie your laces. 

    The Vaypor is made to order and not kept in stock. The usual production time is 3-6 weeks to make this boot. 


    - Durolite outer skin and liner making it Vegan friendly
    - BOA closure system 
    - Two top eyelets and top strap
    - 100% carbon base with uni-directional carbon
    - Matte dry carbon base 
    - Anti-slip sanding effect on mounting slots
    - Hand made 1 piece all carbon construction
    - Double stitching
    - Anti-stretch internal material
    - Anatomical last shape
    - Memory foam padding
    - Epoxy resin
    - Heat moldable tongue
    - Velcro tongue holder