ST Patriot-C BOA V2

Manufacturer: Bont
  • Hand laid Carbon composite base
  • Epoxy resin
  • Tongue Air vents
  • Microfiber liner
  • A Boa dial + Lace Cover + Top velcro strap
  • Hand made monocoque construction
  • Heat moldable tongue
  • Waxed laces

The Boa Advantage

  • Glove-Like Fit

    The Boa Closure System provides custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure points.

  • On-The-Fly

    Get easy, one-handed adjustment with a quick turn of the Boa dial. No more kneeling on wet ice.

  • Powerful Closure

    Once locked into place, Boa reels and laces stay that way. Normal skate laces stretch 7-10% which is why you need to re-tighten your laces.

  • Durable

    Made from aircraft-grade stainless steel, Boa laces are stronger per gram than tank armor.

  • Micro-Adjustability

    Boa reels offer seemingly infinite degrees of fine tuning.

  • Lightweight

    Boa closures shed water, and ice, shaving precious weight.

  • Fast

    Quick on. Quick off. Boa saves time putting your skates on.