ST Patriot BOA

    Manufacturer: Bont
    18 400,45 ₽

    The Patriot Boa is a remastered version of the most popular short track boot on the market, the Bont Patriot.This boot offers exceptional value for money. A hand laid thermoplastic fiberglass base gives you a super stiff boot which is fully heat moldable utilizing epoxy thermoset resin. Combined with anatomical boot shape and high density memory foam, this boot is unsurpassed for value. A Boa dial takes this boot to the next level.

    • Base: 100% hand laid fiberglass base 
    • Outer skin: Microfiber 
    • Liner: Suede microfiber 
    • Innersole: Suede-L
    • Heat moldable: Fully heat moldable base utilizing epoxy thermoset resin
    • Padding: High density memory foam
    • Closing options: Dual Boa dial and lace cover 
    • Fit options: Standard