Skating can be dangerous especially for beginners and rollergirls. A good skate helmet is an investment that can save you a lot of pain and down time. We carry the very best skate helmets from Sure-Grip, Vans, & Triple 8.

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187 Killer Helmet Glossy

187 Killer Helmet Glossy
3 158,99 ₽

Bauer 2100 Combo Helmet

Be unbeatable in the Bauer ® 2100 Ice Hockey Helmet Combo. This helmet and facemask combo provides the ultimate in protection with superior comfort and vision range.
4 902,57 ₽

Bauer 2100 Face Mask

Bauer 2100 Face Mask.
1 817,90 ₽


948,88 ₽

Bauer Helmet V Half Visor

Bauer Helmet V Half Visor.
3 874,61 ₽

CCM Helmet with Face Guard V05

Prepare your brain for a second skull. The Vector V05 Hockey Helmet from CCM was designed to protect your head from injury due to the physical nature of hockey.
5 456,09 ₽

Nic Helmet

Soft comfort foam interior with adjustable neck strap.
2 055,92 ₽

Pro-Tec Bucky Lasek B2 Helmet

A sweet blend of classic style and revolitionary technology. the B2 destroys all others in design, comfort and safety.
2 846,65 ₽

Protec Helmet Classic Certified Glossy

Protec Helmet Classic Certified Glossy.
3 557,53 ₽

Reebok 3K Goalie Helmet

The Reebok 3k Goalie Mask is value priced to offer protection and comfort.
15 813,95 ₽

Triple 8 Dual Certified Helmet GLOSSY

Triple Eight is proud to introduce its all new Dual Certified (CPSC Bike & ASTM Skate) Brainsaver helmet w/ EPS Liner.
3 399,38 ₽

Triple 8 Dual Certified Helmet RUBBER

Sizes – XS/S, S/M, L/XL (each helmet comes standard with 2 set of inserts to accommodate both sizes)
3 399,38 ₽

Triple 8 Helmet Glossy

•Multi-impact Design •Adjustable Straps
3 558,32 ₽

Triple 8 Rubber Helmet

• Multi-impact Design • Sweatsaver™ liner comes standard with rubberized coated helmets
3 399,38 ₽

ProRider 360 Inline Skate Helmet

Great all-around approved bike style skate helmet. Perfect for Inline Skating!
1 344,25 ₽ 865,86 ₽

ProRider Aggressive Skate Helmet

Durable, lightweight, and approved. Available in 4 different colors!
1 502,40 ₽ 865,86 ₽

Protec Classic Certified Glossy Skate Helmet

Very popular and best selling skate helmet by Protec!
3 557,53 ₽

Protec Classic Skate Helmet

Often imitated, never duplicated… that's the Classic Pro-Tec styling!
3 557,53 ₽

Protec Classic Spitfire - DISCONTINUED

This item is discontinued - Please view details to see related skate helmets that are available for purchase.
2 899,63 ₽

Sure-Grip Skate Helmet

This safety equipment from Sure-Grip has been two years in the making. Perfect for Derby, Inlines, or skating outdoors!
3 233,32 ₽

Triple 8 Brainsaver Glossy Skate Helmet

A favorite of athletes and the action sports industry since 1994. This helmet is ideal for Skateboarding, Longboarding, Inline Skating, Roller Skating, and Roller Derby!
2 766,79 ₽