Silver Junior Derby Package

Sure-Grip Boxer with Fugitive Wheels.
15 714,89 ₽

Silver Junior Derby Package $219.00
Skate: Sure-Grip Boxer with Fugitive Wheels ($164.00)
Helmet: Protec Helmet ($34.00)
Triple 8 Little Tricky Set Includes:
Triple 8 Little Tricky Wristguard
Triple 8 Little Tricky Elbow Pad
Triple 8 Little Tricky Knee Pad ($35.00)
Mouth Guard: Standard Mouthguard ($3.00)
Toe Protection: Sure-Grip Rebel Toe Guard ($10.00)
Tool: Deluxe Elephant Wrench ($6.25)
Regular Price $252.25 Total Package Savings $33.25

Skate available in black (J11-14), white (1-11).

These skates are in men’s sizes. Ladies, please go down one size for the best fit.