Roller Derby Skates

The sport of Roller Derby began in the 1930's and has gone through several reincarnations throughout the years. As most skaters know, the sport is experiencing another boom throughout the country, and this has increased the demand for skates that can hold up to the abuse experienced in the sport. Derby skaters require more than durability though; they also require a skate that can get up to speed quickly and hold through tight turns. The skates pictured here are some that lend themselves well to the sport.

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Bont Hybrid Quad Package

Get ready to out skate the competition with the Bont Hybrid package. Most entry level packages are made with old construction techniques using cardboard and wood. The Hybrid has a fully hand made fiberglass base and it is heat moldable to your feet and costs just $260!

Brass Knuckle 2.0 Power-Trac Dubz

Pro Approved!
ˆ708.55 ˆ638.50

Brass Knuckle 2.0 Proline Juke Alloy

Pro Approved!
ˆ788.37 ˆ709.44

Brass Knuckle 2.0 Royal Stroker

Pro Approved!
ˆ708.55 ˆ638.50

Brass Knuckles 2.0 Advantage G-Rod

Pro Approved!
ˆ735.16 ˆ665.10

Jackson Vibe Bundle Package

Special Derby Package!!

Jackson Vibe Quad Skate

Jackson Vibe Boot and Plate. Bionic Chrome Bearing ABEC 7. Atom Pulse Outdoor Wheels Boot Color: Black or White. Avaiable in Sizes 1-12

Labeda Jumped Derby Skate

Features the best components from Roller Derby, Sure-Grip, and RollerBones.

Labeda Roxy Derby Skate

Custom roller derby skate set-up featuring new Stomp boots.

Labeda U7 Octane Remix

Labeda U7, Octane, Remix Complete

Riedell Monster Complete Jam Skate

THE Skates for any Derby Girl skating on coated rink floors who loves aluminum wheels & plates.

Rock Expression Outfit Roller Skates

Express yourself with the all new Expression Skate from Rock in 3 different colors!
ˆ141.00 ˆ119.72

Rock GT-50

One of the best-selling available today. Now comes in white.
ˆ155.19 ˆ96.66

Rock GT50 Plus Light Skate

The GT-50 skate package features a synthetic leather boot, ROCK plate, GT-50 swirl wheels, ABEC -5 bearings, and a Carrera speed toe stop. LED sole!!!!

Sure-Grip Boxer

Sure-Grip's Boxer will have you floatin' like a butterfly.
ˆ116.17 ˆ100.11

Sure-Grip Challenger

Offers the components of a much more expensive skate, without breaking the bank.
ˆ296.19 ˆ218.13

Sure-Grip Challenger 2

This skate gives you a leather boot with a plate that provides a firm foundation.
ˆ349.40 ˆ275.77

Sure-Grip Contender

Rise to the top of the ranks with the Contender.
ˆ211.95 ˆ164.92