Rock Unity GT

Bring two different colors together in perfect harmony with the Unity GT.
Manufacturer: Rock Skates
Their Price: 11 095,02 ₽
8 670,06 ₽

Rock GT-50 just got a 50% boost when we added the option to pick your Sure-Grip 50/50 wheel color on the "Unity" model. Similar to the GT-50 custom you can choose your plate color, cushion color, wheel color and even the laces. We can't even begin to calculate how many color combinations could be made. Featuring Rock double-action plates, Lynx ABEC 7 bearings and the ever popular Rock GT 50 boots. You'll be 100% happy when you hit the rink floor with this skate and it's 50/50 wheels.

  • Boots: Rock GT-50 boots in either Black or White
  • Chassis: Rock double-action plates in your choice of colors
  • Cushions: choose from your favorite color
  • Wheels: Sure-Grip 50/50 - you pick the color scheme!
  • Bearings: Lynx ABEC-7
  • Truck: Double-Action
  • Toe-Stops: Adjustable
Fits Sizes: Men's Black 1-13; Men's White 1-10
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