Riedell Celebrity Outdoor Roller Skate

Achieve celebrity status with the Celebrity skate from Riedell!
Manufacturer: Riedell
15 933,71 ₽

The Celebrity features our leather 120 boot with extra padding and a lightweight PowerDyne Triton aluminum plate for an effortless and comfortable skating experience. Larger diameter Radar Pure wheels round out the Celebrity with high rebound material for a plush ride that will last for miles. Head outside and make your own Roll of Fame with the Celebrity skate!

  • Boot: 120 Black or White
  • Chassis: PowerDyne Triton Aluminum
  • Wheels: Radar Pure Black or Pink
  • Bearings: KwiK ABEC - 9
  • Toe-Stops: PD Round Black
Fit's Sizes: White 4-10,11 Full & Half Sizes- Black 4-13,14 Full & Half Sizes- Black Wider "D" 15,16 Full Size Only