Riedell 395 Advantage Fugitive

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Riedell 395 Advantage Fugitive

Product SKU: KIT-395_SADV_1SG

BOOT: Riedell 395

Hand sorted full grain leather upper

Full grain Chinook leather/Cambrelle linings

HF-5 heat moldable outside

snug tie

Stitched and cemented leather outsoles

PLATE: Synder Advantage 

Aircraft aluminum plates, highly polished, 15- aluminum trucks with adjustable pivot pins and micro adjustable truck settings, 7mm axles only, takes adjustable toe stops (included).

Fits boot sizes 4-14

WHEELS:  Sure Grip Fugitive 

Super Grip cold pour urethane formulated for maximum grip and superior speed, solid core -Superlite- nylon insert for less flex when cornering. Sizes: 62mm X 40mm 94A -Sure Grip-

Colors:  Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Sky Blue

BEARINGS:  Bones Swiss

Removable synthetic high speed ball retainer, shielded one side allows for complete cleaning and relubrication, hardened steel balls, deep grooved speed races, high temperature, low viscosity lubricant.

7mm or 8mm


-  Snyder Advantage King Pin New Steel

-  Snyder Advantage King Pin Jam Nut

-  Snyder Advantage Micro Adjustment Nut Brass 

-  Snyder Advantage King Pin Set Screw 

-  Snyder Advantage Cushion Cup

-  Snyder Steel Pivot Insert

-  Snyder Pivot Pin With Nut 

-  Snyder Cushions

-  Snyder Axle

-  Snyder Toe Stop Lock Screw 

-  Snyder Advantage Micro Adjustment Nut

AVAILABLE COLORS:  White and Black

AVAILABLE SIZES: 4-13, Half sizes to 12


This product priced per pair.