Qube Pink Bearings

Great all-around ABEC-5 bearing. Proceeds go to American Breast Cancer Foundation.
Manufacturers: Qube , Sure Grip
Their Price: 1 924,47 ₽
1 580,82 ₽

The Qube Bearing name may be relatively unknown but the company behind the Qube Bearings certainly isn't. Sure-Grip brings 70 years of skate development to the Qube Bearing line. Qube Pink Bearings are comparable to an ABEC 5 rating although Qube doesn't use the ABEC rating system. Neither does Rollerbones. These Qube Pink Bearings give a great roll for a great price and a portion of the proceeds go to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. It's a win win!

  • Size: 7mm or 8mm
  • Pack: 16 Pack
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