Men's Elite Supreme Stiff - Suede Boots

Conventional one piece suede leather upper construction.
Manufacturer: Jackson Skates
51 517,58 ₽
  • Conventional one piece suede leather upper construction
  • Top level of support for the most advanced level skater requiring an extra stiff boot
  • Unique rolled over padded top line, offering increased comfort and reduces leg irritation
  • Fully padded Stretch microfiber lining breathes, but doesn't absorb moisture
  • Firm forepart and quarters provide support and stability
  • Flex notch for added flexibility and forward knee bend
  • Asymmetrically positioned Ankle Pockets
  • Ankles are punched for improved fit, comfort and stability
  • Dual density foam padding in ankle area to ensure improved fit and comfort
  • Anatomically designed tongue with multiple flex openings for easier forward motion and less twist, double padding for lace bite protection
  • Tongue hook added; allows laces to hold tongue into correct alignment
  • Solid brass hooks won’t break or bend
  • Surlyn insole with steel shank is strong, torque resistant, lightweight, won't absorb moisture