Luigino Pilot Victory Inline Skates

Luigino Pilot Victory package comes complete with no assembly required.
Manufacturer: Luigino Skates
50 158,49 ₽

Leaders in racing boot innovation, Luigino is a clear leader in fit, performance and craftsmanship. The Luigino Victory Pilot boot and complete package is no exception when it comes to balancing performance and comfort. Uncompromisingly, you get the best of both worlds with Luigino boots. The Victory Pilot complete package is a testament to 28 years of manufacturing and experience in racing technology.

  • Boot: 2010-11 Victory Boot w/AquaTechSlide Mounting, 7075 Alloy Mounting Blocks, Thermafiber technology, Carbon fiberglass matrix ensures enhanced strength and weight reduction, Durable, high-tech micro-fiber upper construction offering a high level of flexibility, longevity and weight reduction, Mold ability for a custom fit.
  • Frames: P-51 Pilot 13.20 Pilot 4X110 – Double Void – 7000 AL T6 – Single Axle – By far the strongest, most lightweight racing frame that Luigino Racing has ever created!(Black)
  • Mount: 195 Mount
  • Wheels: Atom ONE iQ Wheels(110mm, 86A)-The wheel that is revolutionizing the inline wheel market!
  • Bearings: Luigino Swiss Bearings, Factory lubricated with light race oil, No break-in period, Delrin Cage 20% glass reinforced, low maintenance
Fits Sizes: Men's 5-13
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