Luigino Pilot P-51 Featherlight Inline Frame

Featherweight racing frame is by far the strongest and most resilient frame that we've ever created. With Featherweight, we've taken our existing P-51 Pilot and shaved an amazing 33 grams of weight off its already sleek frame, while still ensuring consistent wall, bracing and platform thickness throughout.
Manufacturer: Luigino Skates
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19 652,68 ₽

P-51 Pilot frames are designed and engineered for elite racing. Luigino's new Featherweight frames have been redesigned to reduce weight but increase strength. The strength we are referring to is resilient strength, in other words, how much response can we get out of a frame without sacrificing too much overall strength? They've put the Featherweight through rigorous tests to ensure they can withstand the torque and stress of elite racing.