Luigino 2012 Ultra Challenge Skate Package

There is no better skate- period!
Manufacturer: Luigino Skates
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Luigino's Ultra Challenge, the first inline shoe specifically designed to meet the unique demands of short and banked track speed skating. Packed with the very latest Luigino Racing technology, the Ultra Challenge onec again raises the bar in the world of competitive inline speed skating.

Challenge is our company’s flagship, leaving its competitors to envy. A finely tuned inline boot, packed with pure performance.

The craftsmanship along with fit and performance of the most preferred racing boot in the world has set the standard for all others to follow. We continue to prove why we have been known as the number one boot manufacturer for over a decade. We lead the way with technology and innovation that others covet for.

Remember, order one whole US shoe size larger to get a good fit. They fit small.

Sizes: 5-15