Luigino 2010 Challenge Inline Race Skate

There is no better skate- period!
Manufacturer: Luigino Skates
60 635,09 ₽

For the serious inline skater, Luigino introduces the Challange Pilot!  The challenge is backed by Luigino's Challenge Guarantee and has a specially designed upper to accommodate skaters requiring support as well as those looking for mobility. Style and Speed join together for the ultimate in inline skating. The Luigino Challange Pilot is a 4-wheel skate that comes with the P-51 Pilot,b
y far the strongest, most lightweight racing frame that Luigino Racing has ever created!. Whether you're cranking around turns at high speed or executing a powerful double push, the Challenge Pilot will improve your leverage and power transfer. This skate is outfitted with Atom ONE 110mm, 86A Wheels -High-Performance for all-around skating indoors or outdoors. The bearings are none other than Lugino's Luigino Swiss Bearings. For Serious Skaters Only!

  • Boots:  2010-11 Challenge BootFT / AquaTech / ProBack / Thermafiber / Closed-cell ankle padding / High-density sole padding Ankle Powerstrap with roller loop / Nano buckle / High Performance waxed laces / Microfiber lining / TPU toe protection / Dual vertical Mnt. slots (4mm front/back adjustment) / SS Mounting System / 95% carbon, 5% glass & Kevlar fiber in mounting and sole area and weight reduction, Mold ability for a custom fit.
  • Frame: P-51 Pilot 13.20 Pilot 4X110 – Double Void – 7000 AL T6 – Single Axle – By far the strongest, most lightweight racing frame that Luigino Racing has ever created!(Black)
  • Wheels: Atom ONE iQ Wheels(110mm, 86A)-The wheel that is revolutionizing the inline wheel market!
  • Bearings: Luigino Swiss Bearings, Factory lubricated with light race oil, No break-in period, Delrin Cage 20% glass reinforced, low maintenance
Sizes: Boy's/Men's 3-15