LT Crono

Manufacturer: Bont

Slip through the air with the Crono
Based on our Crono cycling shoe, the Crono for Long Track was designed to be aerodynamic while still retaining the functionality of being able to adjust your blade. 

The Crono is only available as a stock boot, sorry no customs. We can only make one pair per week max. Each boot will be individually numbered. This boot is made with our hardcore padding but can also be ordered with medium or soft padding. 

Colors include: shiny red, shiny black, shiny white orange, shiny blue, shiny green, shiny pink, white leather, black leather, blue leather, or red leather. You can also specify the printing color. Please email us to discuss the options.

*Note, US blade mounting is 165mm. Euro Separation means that each boot has a different mounting. Please make sure you know which blades you have or are buying to make sure they match. If the distance of the mounting on the blade is not 165mm, then please order Euro Separation.