Labeda Accu-Pro - Discontinued

The Labeda Accu Pro has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please view details and see a different skate we suggest instead.
Manufacturer: Labeda
Their Price: 7 431,26 ₽
4 928,21 ₽

The Labeda Accu Pro Roller Skate is discontinued and is no longer available.

Please view this skate instead:



A roller skate with personality is the least we can say. The Labeda Accu-Pro is breaking all the rules with a fur tongue, brace bar and ABEC-9 bearings. Double the padding and a 2 piece footbed will carry you skating for hours on end. Chrome plated plates with Gyro brace bar for the finishing touch.

  • Boots: New Age Carbonite exterior with double padding, fur tongue, and 2-piece foot bed
  • Chassis: Chrome plates nylon plates with Gyro brace-bar and Prolift cushions
  • Wheels: Labeda 62mm Accu-Pro indoor/outdoor wheels
  • Bearings: Chrome ABEC-9
  • Trucks: Double-Actions
  • Toe-Stops: Fixed


Fit's Sizes: Men's Black 4-13; Ladies White 4-11

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