Inline Speed Skates

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Bont Typhoon Inline Racing Wheels

Application: Wet Roads.
1 019,15 ₽

Bont Velocity Inline Wheels

Application: Indoor
1 082,85 ₽

Bont Z 3 Point Inline Skates

The Z is made with a 3k plain weave carbon fiber composite base. In the front, air vents pump air into the boot which are built into the TPU protective bumper.
35 033,35 ₽ 25 415,10 ₽

Coyote (I-135)

Adjustable skate for growing kids!
3 758,12 ₽ 2 926,88 ₽

Hybrid G900 (I-246)

A true fitness skate that's affordable.
5 669,03 ₽ 4 646,70 ₽

Lenexa Venus Adjustable Inline Skate

Roller Derby's all new Stingray adjustable youth girl inline skate with aluminum frames.
3 121,15 ₽

Luigino 2009 Challenge Pilot Inline Race Skate

For a limited time only- a special price for the 2009 Luigino Challenge Pilot Inline!
54 078,75 ₽

Luigino 2010 Challenge Inline Race Skate

There is no better skate- period!
53 823,96 ₽

Luigino 2012 Ultra Challenge Skate Package

There is no better skate- period!
44 524,20 ₽

Luigino Attitude Pilot 100mm Inline Skates

The best racing skate with an affordable price tag.
28 663,65 ₽

Luigino Attitude Pilot 110mm Inline Skates

The best racing skate with an affordable price tag.
28 663,65 ₽

Luigino Kid's Challenge Adjustable Inline Skate

Perfect Inline Skate for kid's by Luigino.
17 516,68 ₽

Luigino Pilot P-51 Featherlight Inline Frame

Featherweight racing frame is by far the strongest and most resilient frame that we've ever created. With Featherweight, we've taken our existing P-51 Pilot and shaved an amazing 33 grams of weight off its already sleek frame, while still ensuring consistent wall, bracing and platform thickness throughout.
17 771,46 ₽

Luigino Pilot Victory Inline Skates

Luigino Pilot Victory package comes complete with no assembly required.
44 524,20 ₽

Luigino Sting Pilot Inline Skates

Striking looks and performance is the Luigino Sting in Black. No assembly required.
34 969,65 ₽

Luigino Ultra Challenge Inline Skate Package 2011

Luigino's Ultra Challenge, the first inline skate specifically designed to meet the unique demands of short and banked track speed skating.
54 078,75 ₽

MPC Road War Inline Speed Wheel

For high-speed racing: Unequalled rebound, more speed throughout your push, and more footprint for more grip – only when and where you need it.
955,46 ₽

MPC Storm Surge Inline Speed Wheel

When it’s raining, you either get Storm Surge, or you don’t race. The Storm Surge has no equal.
1 019,15 ₽

MPC StormSurge TURBO Inline Wheel

The new 2012 road wheel of choice for top speed by the world’s fastest skaters.
1 050,36 ₽

MPC Street Fight Inline Speed Wheel

Made for road circuit racing. High speeds and fast corners of all sizes are no match for the Street Fight.
1 019,15 ₽

Pro Line 900 (I-243)

Fitness skate with a great look.
4 713,58 ₽ 3 563,85 ₽