Infinity Components

Manufacturer: Bont

These are all the small components used to complete the infinity plate.
All components are packaged in PE bag .

Part 3: Pivot cup (material : POM, white color) 4pcs
Part 4: Toe Stop Locking Screw (material: steel, black color) 2pcs
Part 13:  Pivot pin (material : steel , black color, 5/16” x 24 UNF) 4pcs
Part 14:  Steel Allen bolt (4 black for front slider, 2 silver for rear slider) 6pcs
Part 15:  Locking nut ( 6061 , CNC , anodizing, silver color) 6pcs
Part 16:  Speed washer (steel, silver) 8pcs
Part 17:  Axle nut (material : steel , black color) 8pcs
Part 18:  Internal tooth washer for steel allen bolt, carbon steel, silver 4pcs
Part 19:  Internal tooth washer for pivot pin, carbon steel, silver 4pcs
Part 20:  Stud nut (material : Aluminum 6061 , black color) 4pcs