Hyper's Hyperlicious

Quad speed wheels from Hyper with a scent.
Manufacturer: Hyper
2 570,21 ₽

Just saying Hyperlicious sounds sexy but Hyper took it one step further and added scent to these fantastic speed/jam wheels.
That's right, they have a nice fruity candy scent that can't be mistaken. Relevant of the aroma's of Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Grape, and Watermelon. The scent is a gimmick but the performance of the Hyperlicious speed wheel has been tested by jam skaters and roller girls for years now and they still love them. 

  • Size/Hardness: 62mm x 96A
  • Comes in colors: "WatermelonGreen, "GrapePurple, "Bubble GumPink, and "Blueberry" Blue

Note: These wheels are no longer swirled.