Hyper Shaman

Hyper's classic speed wheel is back due to popular demand.
Manufacturer: Hyper
Their Price: 13 219,06 ₽
10 357,32 ₽


A Shaman is the spiritual leader of some religious groups. If you're a religious skater then the Hyper Shaman speed/jam wheel is the right choice for you. You might recognize that the Shaman wheel carries on the heritage of the long gone "Wicked Lips" that people still ask for today. Even has the same smell. Shaman is all that Wicked Lips was and more. Starting with the fantastic graphics, Shaman is very well designed. The design doesn't stop with just the looks it goes right to the core with it's aluminum super lightweight hubs in anodized colors. Unlike most speed wheels the Shaman is various colors for a reason.


  • Size: 62mm
  • Comes in colors: Green (soft 93A), Red (firm 95A), and Natural (race 97A)

Did we mention Shaman wheels are loaded with Voodoo-Thane?

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