Hyper Cannibal Single Wheel

Hyper speed wheel with aluminum hub and Voodoo Thane. (Orange Cannibal is currently not available at this time)
Manufacturer: Hyper
795,19 ₽

Cannibal speed/jam wheels eat other wheels alive.
Featuring the patented VooDoo-Thane racing formula from Hyper wheels.
All aluminum hubs ensure a light and aggressive speed wheel.

  • Size: 62mm
  • Color/Hardness: Blue (soft) or Orange (firm)  -ORANGE CANNIBAL IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME-

-Blue Cannibals are the 'softer' wheel for grip on hard surfaces.
-Orange Cannibals are 'firm' for speed and getting you to the front of the pack.

Scores of roller girls and jam skaters have tested and abused this wheel over the years and the cannibal chews up anything they can throw at it.

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