Southeastern Skate Supply has made their very own speed/jam wheel.

The Clawz wheel by Southeastern Skate Supply is roller girl and jam skater favorite. For jam skaters they like the rainbow of colors the Clawz wheels come in and the graphics are an added bonus. For roller girls the Clawz wheel represents a good choice for those on a budget who still need to get mileage and dependability out of a speed wheel. We can tell you that we have never had a set of Clawz wheels returned but the same can't be siad for some speed and jam wheels that cost three times as much from the big names. Go with Southeastern's Clawz wheels and you won't have any regrets. 

  • Size/Hardness: 62mm x 95A
  • Comes in Colors: Black,  Yellow,  Red,  Light Blue,  Purple,  Pink,  Orange,  Green,  and Dark Royal Blue
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