Cheezeballs Swiss Bearings


Cheezeballs Swiss Bearings



                 Balls: Silicon Nitride

 Cage material: Nylon

               Races: 440 Stainless Steel

  Cheezeball Swiss Bearings are the culmination of almost 2 years of real world roller derby testing.  These are the best bearings that you will ever skate on, period.  We started out with Silicon Nitride ceramic balls, one of the hardest ceramic compounds in the world.  This is the same material that is used in aerospace applications and is capable of 35,000RPM at over 500 degrees!  We then paired them with no rust, SELF HEALING deep groove 440 stainless steel races and completely noncorrosive nylon cages and built them to ABEC 7 tolerances.  440 Stainless steel is slightly softer than chrome steel races, which allows the insanely hard Silicon Nitride ceramic balls to “dress out” small scratches and imperfections in the bearing race, resulting in THE SMOOTHEST, LONGEST LASTING ROLL EVER at a price that’s nearly half of any other high end ceramic bearing available.  With occasional cleaning and lube these bearings will last longer than any other you’ve tried!

This product priced for a set of sixteen.