Buy Roller Skates

Welcome to the Roller Skates Buying Guide

SkateMob is the #1 Shop for purchasing roller skates! Below you will find the steps to use for purchasing your skates

First, identify what type of skater you are. We have skates for every type of skater.

  1. Roller Derby Skater
  2. Speed Skater
  3. Jam Skater
  4. Rythm Skater
  5. Hockey Skater
  6. Outdoor Skater
  7. Recreational Skater

After you determine what type of skater you are, this will dictate what type of boot, plate, bearings, and wheels you are going to need. You can buy these parts seperately and build your own skate or you can buy a package already designed for the type of skater you are from one of the links above.

As always, we are here to help you find the perfect skate to fit your needs and we also have a community of skaters that you can reach out to at anytime.

Keep Healthy, Keep Skating, SkateMob! Peace!