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The SkateMob Entertainment Crew will be performing and/or competition at this event:

Date and LocationSummerJam 2011 will be held at The Sk8 in Cookeville, TN. It will begin at 7pm on Thursday, June 16th, and will wrap up by noon on Sunday, June 19th.

The Sk8 is a beautiful, modern rink with a concrete floor, skater-friendly staff, and ridiculous sound system.

The ScheduleThursday, June 16th 2011

7pm – 9pm – Welcome Reception and Open Skate. This is your first chance to buy exclusive Vanilla gear.

9pm – 11pm – Potato Jam rental skate battle.
Judges: Tony Zane, Diamond Walker, Brandon Perea

11pm – 3am – Grind Out

Friday, June 17th 2011

1pm - 4pm – Grind Out

4pm – 6pm – Activities – Mario Cart, Giant Water Balloon fight

7pm – 10pm – Open Session

9pm – 11pm – B-Boy / Breakin’ Battle.
Judges: Tony Zane, Diamond Walker, Brandon Perea

11pm – 3am – Open Skate

Saturday, June 18th 2011

1pm - 4pm – Grind Out

4pm – 6pm – Activities – Movie’s with Diamond, Slip ‘n Slide

7pm – 10pm – Open Session

9pm – 11pm – One-on-One Jam Skate Battle.
Judges: Tony Zane, Diamond Walker, Brandon Perea

11pm – 3am – Open Skate

Sunday, June 19th 2011

11am – Noon – One Minute Performance.
Judges: Tony Zane, Diamond Walker, Brandon Perea

The FactsSummerJam is free.
Rink admission, class fees, insurance, and competition fees will all be taken care of courtesy of Vanilla, Backspin, and JamskatingOnline.  All you need to do is get to the rink and find a place to stay.

Everyone is invited to SummerJam.
We’ve decided to make SummerJam an open event.  Bring your family, show up, and have fun.

All ability levels welcome!
SummerJam is not just for the advanced skaters.  This event is a great chance to improve your skills and meet new skaters!

There will be tons of footage.
We’ve got new HD cameras on order and we’ll be taping everything. There will be no “live feed” from this event.  Come and experience it first hand, or regret it forever.

Come thirsty.
Vanilla will be providing free drinks to everyone during SummerJam.

Only four days!
SummerJam will start on a Thursday night with the Potato Jam kickoff dinner and will end on Sunday mid-morning with the Karaoke Brunch.

Tony Zane, Diamond Walker, and Brandon Perea will be teaching jamskating classes.  Stephanie and Jeremy will be doing endurance classes.  Jordan McQuiston will be teaching groove.  Matt Roberts will be teaching pop ‘n lock.  Gemma Nguyen will be teaching tricking.

Mike Lehrke will be speaking and answering questions on what it takes to be a marketable skater in today’s skate industry.

There will be a breakin’ battle, a Potato Jam rental skate battle, a one-on-one skate battle, and a one minute performance.

Practice time.
There will be a large chunk of time set aside just for practice.  You’ll be able to work on new moves around other jamskaters and get help from the veterans.

There will be a guest DJ every night.  The music will be ill.

Family friendly.
This will be a family friendly event.  Everything organized by Vanilla will be appropriate for all ages.  Vanilla cannot guarantee that the happenings at the local area hotels will be family friendly, however.  Choose your hotel at your own risk.

Slip ‘n Slide.
There will be a 200 foot slip ‘n slide and other non-skating related activities.

Vanilla will be selling exclusive merchandise at SummerJam.  This will be your one and only opportunity to buy Vanilla gear.  We will not be selling it online or through any retail location.

For more information, visit Vanilla Skate Company
Bruce Leggett
SkateMob Team