6 months ago
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Hey, guys!

I’m a newb, so I know that I don’t have much experience (other than skating all the time as a middle schooler and then as a skating car hop for my first job) to speak from. However, I really don’t think what my teammates are showing me is correct for derby stance. It feels completely unstable and I’m afraid I’m going to break my tail bone.

According to the ones training me, it’s knees bent, butt tucked down and under, and my back should be so straight that I feel like I’m going to fall back at any moment.

In every video, blog, and picture I’ve seen, it’s knees bent to a squatting position, waist bent just enough to keep your balance, and chest and head up.

I don’t mean to seem like the chick that just walks in thinking she knows everything, because I KNOW I don’t. I just can’t seem to get this down and I am really trying.