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How to do the iceberg slide!

9 years ago
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Hi folks,

Let's discuss exactly how to do the iceberg slide, then I'll consolidate everything into a step by step guide giving credit to each person who contributed.

I do my iceberg slide leading off with my left foot, but it doesn't matter which foot you start off on. Most people I have seen start off on the right foot.

Here is a simple guide that we can build and improve upon:

1) Start skating backwards
2) Stretch your leading foot back and roll on the edge of the inside front wheel (by your big toe)
3) Turn your body to towards the leading foot (SECRET: don't look down; keep your head up)
4) Now, twist your other foot onto it's inner front wheel (by your big toe).
5) At this point, you should be skating sideways on the edge of your front inner wheels, your legs should be slightly bent.
6) Hold it for as long as you can

Remember! Do not look down.

So far, that is how I do it. I know there is probably something I'm overlooking. What else can we add?
Bruce Leggett
SkateMob Team
9 years ago
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I would reccomend putting most of your weight on your leading foot.
7 years ago
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