Atom Poison Wheels

Most popular derby wheel from Atom!
Manufacturer: Atom
Their Price: 4 573,08 ₽
4 287,26 ₽

Poison is Atom's new 'go-to' wheel for ANY surface. Never worry about sliding again! Atom noticed that many derby skaters use outdoor wheels which are normally narrow and WAY too sluggish. To answer your needs, they've created Poison. Now you can have the best of all worlds: grip, roll AND amazing lateral push.

Poison provides awesome grip without that 'sluggish marshmallow" feeling which allows for more roll. Featuring super sick graphics on a bright green core, Poison will blow your competitors off the derby track!

Perfect for: Outdoor Tracks, Slick Sport Courts, Banked Tracks and Dirty Wood Floors.

62mm choose from regular width 44mm or narrow 38mm

Sold in 8pack.

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