Atom iQ Whip X-Firm Inline Race Wheel

Indoor Flat Track Racing Wheels, NOW with iQ Technology!
Manufacturer: Atom
1 238,25 ₽

WHIP - Indoor Flat Track Racing Wheels, NOW with iQ Technology! Specific design techniques, raw materials and manufacturing methods have been incorporated to produce Atom’s most prominent Max Performance Wheels.

With the new Whip, it's now very common to see the lap times consistently faster over the entire course of the race instead of just the final laps like they were in the past. Atom Wheels is the only TRUE indoor inline manufacturer in the world. There's a reason Atom has produced the most Indoor National Champions 2 years in a row - They make wheels that grip, roll, and last throughout the entire race.

You get what you pay for with Atom Wheels!

  • Hardness: X-Firm (110mm)
  • Surface: Indoor
  • Purpose: Race

A proprietary ingredient which increases rebound speed and wear.
GOTHANE is the most sought after chemical, used entirely in all Atom High-Performance Race Wheels.

  • A pure ingredient that performs at its best in its most natural state.
  • A component taht fuses al other ingredients.


  • Superior Rebound
  • Superior Roll
  • Superior Resilience