ML Technology™ is another advancement in Atom Wheels’ line to make our overall product just that much better. Mechanical Lock Technology™ will allow for superior bonding of our two-piece hollow core hub design. ML Technology™ is a lip that has been added to the cap side of the core to allow for better overall bonding between the core and the urethane.


 Atom’s proprietary urethane’s and ability to formulate the best wheels in the world for every surface imaginable, combined with 3 piece core technology, it’s no surprise why we have become recognized as the worldwide leader in wheel technology.

Atom’s 3 piece technology is 25% lighter than aluminum; this technology is the biggest quad wheel improvement in over 20 years. Our ability to modify the lip stiffness is imperative in order to pick up speed or grip depending on the discipline as well as the requirements of each skater. Atom Wheels has surpassed expectations, setting new standards across the board…derby, speed, jam.


The standards for quad wheels were concluded back when competitive quad speed skating determined the quality and performance of all wheels. Speed remains an integral part of determining a high-performance wheel. Atom continues to follow the competitive guidelines, shifting gears toward Derby, Speed, Jam. Since 1991 quad speed skating has declined, the importance of quality quad wheels diminished. Our exclusive quad partner and chemist has been the leader in quad design and engineering since 1988. 100% Piper is more than a person; he is the scientist that has developed more flat track formulas than all others combined.











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Atom Armor Wrist Brace

The wrist strap is slightly longer so big hands have the option of squeezing into smaller pads and still be able to secure the strap.
883,61 ₽

ATOM Boom Quad Wheels

BOOM Quad Wheels provide grip with a controlled slide. The perfect wheel for all levels and all positions, you will want a set of BOOM wheels in your bag!
5 890,70 ₽

Atom G-Rod Alloy Wheels

Technology: ALLOY Hollow Cap
9 498,76 ₽

Atom G-Rod Wheels

GameThane Formula- NEW Hollow Core Technology- Molded Power LiP
7 363,38 ₽