595 PowerTrac Shaman


595 PowerTrac Shaman

Product SKU: KIT-595_HPT_1HSM

BOOT: Riedell 595

Top competitive and recreational roller speed skaters wanted. Leather uppers with snug ties offer additional ankle support for stability in cornering. Moisture resistant linings and counters add both comfort and durability.

Key Features:

Leather upper and linings

Heel snug ties for added support

Leather soles

PLATE: Sure Grip PowerTrac 

7000 series extruded aluminum alloy, all machined work done in the USA. The lightest plate on the market today. 7 degree action will keep your skates on the floor and going in the right direction. Newly designed aluminum truck. 6 cushion options and a special cut out toe stop that even further reduces weight. The toe stop is also placed closer to the trucks to reduce weight and drag.

WHEELS:  Hyper Shaman

Shaman wheels have been an all time favorite with speed skaters.  Now the Shaman line gets a fresh new look and introduces a blue hybrid wheel that gives extra grip with the firmness of an aluminum hub.  Sized at 62mm x 42mm for maximum speed. 

White: Race 97

Red: Firm 95

Green: Soft 93

Blue: Hybrid 84

BEARINGS: China Bones Red

7mm or 8mm China made precision bearing, outstanding roll, steel ball bearings, mirror-like finish, removable nylon ball retainer.

Sold by EACH -  16-Pk or 20-PK 


-  Sure-Grip PowerTrac Cushions

-  Sure-Grip PowerTrac Toe Start 

-  Sure-Grip PowerTrac Top Cushion Cup 

-  Sure-Grip PowerTrac King Pin Jam Nut

-  Sure-Grip PowerTrac Micro Adj Nut 

-  Sure-Grip PowerTrac King Pin Screw

-  Sure-Grip PowerTrac Pivot Ball Screw 

-  Sure-Grip PowerTrac Nylon Trucks 

-  Sure-Grip PowerTrac Aluminum Trucks 


AVAILABLE SIZES: 1-13 Full & Half

This product priced per pair.