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Solid Color Skate Laces

13 different colors of your choice to choose from at a low price!
5,00 ₽
3,50 ₽

If patterend laces aren't your thing, these Solid Color Skate Laces are sure to be your ticket to jazzing up your skates!
With a variety of colors to choose from, you're bound to find the right color to brighten up your skates.

Skate laces are designed specifically to endure boot stress.
Sold in pairs of 1.

  • Comes in Colors: Neon Yellow; Neon Pink; Neon Lime; Neon Orange; White; Pink; Light Blue; Red; Black; Turquoise; Purple; Green; or Blue
  • Size: 72" for low cut and Kid Skates; 81" for high top and Adult Skates.
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