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Skate Parts

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RC Medallion Plus Wheels

Super high grip urethane roller skate wheels with superior roll for tons of roller skating fun! 96A 57mm X 30mm.
36,00 ₽

Sure-Grip Fugitive Wheels

Super Grip cold pour urethane formulated for maximum grip and superior speed, solid core -Superlite- nylon insert for less flex when cornering.
69,95 ₽

187 Killer Derby Wrist

187 Killer Derby Wrist
22,95 ₽

187 Killer Helmet Glossy

187 Killer Helmet Glossy
39,95 ₽

187 Killer Junior Pads Tri Pack

Simple, protective gaskets knee gaskets.
55,00 ₽

187 Killer Knee Pad Replacement Cap

187 Killer Knee Pad Replacement Cap.
19,95 ₽

187 Killer Pro Derby Knee Pads

187 Killer Pro Derby Knee Pads.
90,00 ₽

187 Killer Pro Elbow Pads

Our Pro Elbow pad is designed for action sports athletes who want the highest level of elbow protection.
42,95 ₽

187 Killer ReCap

ReCap For Pro Derby XS S M L XL C1 C1 C1 C1 C2
19,95 ₽

Adjustable Toe Stop Lock nut

Lock nut for 5/8".
1,50 ₽

Adjustable Toe Stop Lock Washer

Lock washer.
1,00 ₽

Adjustable Toe Stop Wrench

For use on adjustable toe stop lock nuts. 15/16"
6,00 ₽

Aerobic Wheels

Sure-Grip Aerobic wheels are the perfect choice for outdoor skating.
38,95 ₽

Airlite Bearing oil

Use every two weeks on your bearings for optimal skate performance!
6,00 ₽

All American Plus Wheels

Superior formula vanathane for extended roll and grip.
46,95 ₽

All Purpose Bearing Grease

All Purpose Bearing Grease.
6,00 ₽

Antik Wax Laces

81in - fits most pairs of skates.
9,00 ₽

Atom Armor Elbow and Knee Pads Combo

Atom Armor Elbow and Knee Pads Combo
29,00 ₽