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Skate Parts

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Bont Ignite Derby Skate Plate

The Ignite is a light weight and strong plate with 8mm axles and 16 degree action. Perfect for Roller Derby!
42,00 ₽

Laser Elite Stopless Plate Complete

Same nylon plate as the Laser Hardnose, but without toe stops.
210,00 ₽

Laser Hard Nose Plate Complete

Old School nylon plate comes with adjustable toe stops and 45 degree single-action trucks.
265,00 ₽ 215,00 ₽

Marathon 4

Plastic plates come with fixed toe stops and 15 degree double-action trucks.
23,97 ₽

Pacer Resistor

Nylon plates in black, chrome, or blue chrome finish. Comes with adjustable toe stops and 15 degree double-action trucks.
44,95 ₽

Pilot Viper Plate

Inexpensive nylon plate. 16 Degree Truck Angle - 8mm Axles. One Piece Cast Truck - Base is Zytel Composite. Steel King Pin - Urethane Bushings. Bionic Toe Stop - Rubber
90,00 ₽

Rock Nylon

These nylon, double-action plates come in 9 different colors. Customize your skates.
47,50 ₽

Sunlite Plate Complete with Trucks

This plate has a Lifetime Guarantee and can be used for recreation, roller derby, speed, or jam skating.
69,00 ₽

Sure-Grip Nova

Nylon plates come with adjustable toe stops, 15 degree double-action trucks with 7mm axles.
79,95 ₽

Sure-Grip Probe

Nylon plates comes in many colors with adjustable toe stops and 15 degree double-action trucks.
62,97 ₽