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Roller Skates

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Pacer GTX-500 Skates

GTX-500 with WonderSuede lining.
69,00 ₽

Pacer Revive Lite Skate

The all new Pacer Revive Lite Skate includes rechargeable LED underglow lights!
119,00 ₽ 99,00 ₽

Pacer XT70 Adjustable Quad Skate

Adjustable shell with removable comfort lining and buckle closures.
55,00 ₽

Pacer ZTX Skates

Pacer ZTX with velcro cinch strap.
49,00 ₽

Pink Skates

Pink Skates.
159,00 ₽

RD-zing Skates

Athletic Style boot with quick dry lining and lace closure.
43,00 ₽

Rebel Eagle Cosmic Superfly

Rebel Eagle Cosmic Superfly.
269,00 ₽

Rebel Sunlite Caution Tape

Backspin Caution Tape.
249,00 ₽

ROCK Expression Skates

The new ROCK Expression series is the newest (and hottest) skate from the ROCK brand.
159,00 ₽

ROCK Flame Skate with Rock Twister Wheels

Deluxe synthetic leather uppers. Cambrelle lining, comfort padded collar, cushioned contour insole.
149,00 ₽

Rock GT50 Medallion Plus

Rock GT50 Medallion Plus.
149,00 ₽

ROCK GT50 with Twister Wheels

149,00 ₽

ROCK GT50 with Zoom Wheels

139,00 ₽