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Roller Derby Skates

The sport of Roller Derby began in the 1930's and has gone through several reincarnations throughout the years. As most skaters know, the sport is experiencing another boom throughout the country, and this has increased the demand for skates that can hold up to the abuse experienced in the sport. Derby skaters require more than durability though; they also require a skate that can get up to speed quickly and hold through tight turns. The skates pictured here are some that lend themselves well to the sport.

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Sure-Grip D&D Roller Skate

All-New Skate from Sure-Grip.
ˆ339.00 ˆ295.97

Sure-Grip Public Enemy

Eight different flavas to choose from. Great for Derby or just having fun!
ˆ229.00 ˆ195.97

Sure-Grip Rebel Rebel

The all-leather Rebel is for the serious rink rat. It is also a great first skate for Derby.
ˆ149.00 ˆ142.97

Vanilla Brass Knuckle Blackout Skate Boot

These boots are in women’s sizes. Men, please go up one full size for the best fit.

Vanilla FlavorSpot Boots

These skates are hand-made using the finest Italian, top grain, hand sorted leather providing the most comfortable and durable skating experience available today. This is the best of the best.

Vanilla Knuckle-Up

This Derby skate's a combination of SE Skate, Vanilla, Riedell, Atom, and RollerBones. That's quite a team!
ˆ599.00 ˆ445.97

Vanilla Renegade 2.0 Complete Skate

Featuring the all new 7000 series aluminum Vanilla trucks, Backspin BeastMode wheels, hand poured premium urethane cushions, and Vanilla ABEC 9 race bearings.

Vanilla Renegade Poison

35% off this weekend ONLY! July 14-15, 2012
ˆ279.00 ˆ181.25

Vanilla Renegade Rock Sonic

Custom Vanilla Renegade Rock Sonic package. Choose your own colors!
ˆ329.00 ˆ225.00

Vanilla Renegade Skate

Vanilla Renegade Complete Skate

Vanilla Renegade Super G

35% off this weekend ONLY!! July 14-15, 2012
ˆ289.00 ˆ187.75

Vanilla Straight Jacket Avenger Deluxe

The Vanilla Straight Jacket Avenger Deluxe Package. This is a awesome derby skate with a affordable price tag!
ˆ549.00 ˆ499.00

Vanilla Straight Jacket Avenger Remix Derby Skate

NEW Straight Jacket boot now on Vanilla Remix wheels!