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Riedell's The Bomber

Strap them on and hit the track, whether it be flat or banked.
Manufacturer: Sure Grip
947,00 ₽
845,97 ₽

If you're skating with The Bomber you are the top of your derby class. Riedell 265 boot with power cinch strap and long lasting durable leather that conforms to your foot. If that's not enough we mounted it to the all new remake of the Labeda Laser plates and gave it Sure-Grip Qube 8 Ball bearings. Your true advantage comes in the Atom Stroker wheels featuring hybrid hollow core technology. 

  • Boots: Riedell 265 leather boots with Velcro power-strap, narrow in the heel but wide in the ball
  • Chassis: :Labeda ProLine aluminum plates (the plate that everyone else tries to copy)
  • Wheels: Atom Stroker 62mm derby/speed wheels
  • Bearings: Qube 8-ball "Black" bearings
  • Trucks: Double-Action
  • Toe-Stops: Adjustable
Fits Sizes: Men's Black 4-13
(Ladies, go down one size)